What I liked the most is that you’re not telling me what to do, you are allowing me to explore the options that I haven’t really thought about before because I am always too busy going “well I don’t know how to do it!” I know I have to do it, but I don’t know how and my brain just doesn’t think, whereas you have given me the time and space to think it through for myself. 

What was the most valuable to have some solutions to some things that are really important to me right now. 

When you come for the coaching, you are in that state of mind that you recognise that something is not quite right and you want to make some changes and having someone guide you through that. ….
As I am sure a lot of people come to you, at the point I was, at complete overwhelm and not idea where to start.

You’ve been able to do for me what no psychologist or any medication has ever been able to do. I am so immensely grateful.

Less Overwhelmed
Less stressed
Feel more in control

I am halfway through the ‘Life is…’ program with the lovely Gina Dallison and am amazed at how much of an impact it has had on my life. Gina is fantastic life coach who has empowered me to find my own solutions to everyday life struggles. She created the time and space and the pointed questions at the right time to make me explore (and find) ways of living my life that is more in line with my values and all within reach. I also love the fact that she calls me out my b****t when needed!

I’m only halfway through the program but I’m already seeing the results; feeling more in control, less overwhelmed and less stressed. And when things do start to get overwhelming, I’ve got the tools needed to get centered again. Thank you Gina 

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This morning I embarked on Gina Dallison’s ‘Life Is…’ programme. Such a great session! Gina’s amazing listener, insightful and has fab tools to help you think about different areas of your life. I am really looking forward to completing the programme. Thanks so much Gina Dallison. 

A great session with Gina Dallison today. Gina’s introduced me to great process that helps me to dream and think big as a way to get know myself better. which is proving really useful. And Gina’s such a good listener. Definitely recommend Gina Dallison’s ‘Life Is’ programme 


On Friday, I engaged in my third ‘Life is’ session with Gina Dallison. Slightly more emotional session having had a difficlut experience during the week, but Gina was sensitive, calm and helped me to usefully reflect on, and thus gain something from, the experience. I’ve also come away with some specific actions to take forwards. Thanks Gina!


4th session with Gina Dallison today on the ‘Life is…’ programme. Actioned-focused whilst allowing space for refelection and musing’s is how I’d describe it. I’m being introduced to some really useful tools to help bring clarity of mind on a few things, and there’s a definite theme emerging, which Gina noticed really early on. Great stuff! Thanks again Gina. 

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A great business coaching session. Gina is patient, actively listens and then reflects back what she is hearing in a concise and helpful way.

Her questions are excellent prompts to make you really think, and explore practical options and modes of thought that you may npt have considered to take you forward. Highly recommended. 

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Gina has helped me come to terms with a health and schooling worry this week. We looked at the problem from many different angles and I found that by the end of the session I was able to give permission to move for and make a plan for how to handle the situation more effectively. 

I found that Gina is very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me to find the ansert for myself. This has enabled me to speak with my family and empowered me to go with my gut instincts instead of other people’s opinions.

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I loved the two sessions creating a vision board and would recommend it to anyone. I have come away with something I can review which will help me focus on what is important to me. It’s not all about work. 

A lot of my vision board is looking at things that are fun and enjoyable. Chatting to like minded ladies was also a highlight, not to mention the tea and biscuits. If you are not sure what a vision board is then go find out. Gina is lovely. The wheel of life exercise was enlightening and made me think hard. Nothing wrong with that. I am considering doing it again next year for 2019. it was good. 

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Gina really helped me understand what was holding me back (which wasn’t what I thought) and gave me the boost to actually do things I know I needed to get done! Gina has a talent for enabling space and ooportunity to explore a different perspective to an issue. 

Her positive on life runs through the session and I felt motivated to take action straight away.

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Gina was my life coach. My decision making has improved and I’m still sober. She’s kind, compassionate, positive.


It’s really challenging to sit down with someone and tell them your problems, but Gina is relaxing and non-judgemental, which makes it easier.

It’s really given me the confidence to push forwards and do the things in life that I want to do, even if those things are scary to try. Gina is a Professional Life Coach, dedicated, knowledgeable and easygoing.

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Tim’s Story

Heading towards a state of depression

Without knowing exactly how I got there, I found myself caught up in a vicious circle of work and too many tasks that I had set for myself. Whilst going around in this circle, I felt unable to step outside of it and see what was going on.

I was becoming more anxious and distracted as each week went by and this was affecting everything from work, to eating and even my sleep became disrupted.

Life’s colours had faded away and I was unable to enjoy many of the things that I usually like doing. I was aware that this was heading towards a state of depression and that I needed to do something about it. 


This had been happening gradually over a couple of years, so slowly that it was difficult to notice the subtle changes but as the situation became worse, I was more aware of the negative effects especially when the sleep disruption started.

I needed something to pull me through and I was determined not to rely on medication, which I know from previous experience this can only prolong the condition and creates many side effects.


I was fortunate to meet Gina and we started talking about work-life balance, goals and ambitions and within the space of only a few minutes, she was skillfully able to pinpoint the root of my troubles.

I was quite startled at this at first, that without realising I had been expertly assessed.  I would have probably run a mile if someone had suggested that I should speak to a Life Coach, but now I would not hesitate.


Over the following weeks Gina gave me the guidance and balanced encouragement that I needed to get myself back onto the path forward. With simple steps that enabled me to change my way of thinking and to change the ways of reacting to situations.


These along with simple visualisation techniques enabled me to make the smallest steps which added up to huge results.  Within the space of 8 weeks, I was looking back at a line of stepping stones that had brought me such a long way.

I would not hesitate in recommending Gina Dallison to anyone who is looking to empower their progress on life’s unique journey. 

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Tim, from Rugby, UK

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