All meditations are read by Gina Dallison with music produced by Tim Wilson.

Please take responsibility for your own safety, do not listen to this while driving or operating machinery.

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Five Minute Freedom Formula

In just 5 minutes, feel relaxed and free with an expanded mind.

Growth Meditation

GROWTH meditation to leave you feeling relaxed, positive and motivated

Sleep Well

A 7 minute mediation to help aid to a restful night’s sleep.  To get full benefit, spend 10 minutes before hand mentally reviewing your day – write down what you have enjoyed, what you are grateful for, what you are celebrating.

Body Repair

These meditations have incorporated Wim Hof breathing and visualising myelin repair.  Use this as guidance only, and if the breath hold is too uncomfortable, then continue the process –  One round = 30 x deep breaths, last breath out, hold for as long as possible, then breath in and hold for 15 seconds.

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