Emotions are powerful! They make us react without thinking and often feel uncontrollable.

Emotions are Energy in Motion and are meant to move through us. When we mask them, they get stuck in our bodies, which can eventually lead to illness,

We use crutches to stop us feeling our emotions. These crutches (eg alcohol, food, drugs, sex, shopping, TV) may make us feel better in the moment, but long term they are not good for us.

In this workshop, I will be looking at:

  • How to recognise emotional triggers and sabotaging behaviour
  • Where emotions come from
  • How to deal with difficult emotions
  • How to communicate how you feel with ease

Join me Live in the Managing MS Naturally FB Group on Wednesday 15th June at 2.30pm BST.

You are welcome to join me in the Zoom room where there will be an opportunity to ask any questions at the end.

Please leave you details here to receive the Zoom link and reminders for the event. By registering you will also be able to access the recording and automatically be sent a PDF of the key learning points:

The event will also be live streamed in the Managing MS Naturally group and available for 24 hours – if you are not yet a member

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