The quality of your health and life is determined by how your feel.

How you feel is determined by how you see the world, what you believe and the people you surround yourself with.


We all want to feel good no matter what, but how can you feel good …

When you are ill?

When you have received a life-altering diagnosis?

When you are living with frustrating and painful symptoms?

When it feels like doors are closing in front of you?

If you have been diagnosed with a life-altering condition, you need somewhere to get support, information, direction, motivation and a like-minded community who understands.

Healing Vibrations will help you feel good and this is how ….

By getting really honest with where you are and where you want to be, while developing habits that will help you move towards what you want.

For only £15 a month with no tie-in, you can join Healing Vibrations community and start to


Get the educational resources you need

Be inspired to make any necessary changes

Be empowered to make informed choices

Have a supportive network

Have a positive space to share in

Learn from others on the journey

Feel better

Enjoy life more

Only £15 a month (with no tie-in)

If you would like to know more,

If, like me, you have been told that you have

An incurable disease

That is likely to get worse

There is nothing that you can do about it

You won’t be feeling great!

But, what if, instead, you are told ….?

You have a loud message from your body that you are out of balance

Readdressing the balance is totally within your control

If you allow it, you are about to embark on an exciting, transformational journey

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 and was told by my neurologist that there was nothing I could do to help myself.  I believed her!  It was like my health was totally out of my hands.

I was just sitting waiting for some scientist to find a cure.

I was lucky, or maybe not so lucky, because my symptoms were initially not severe enough for me to challenge that belief earlier.

However, that changed about 5 years ago, when my symptoms took a turn for the worse, despite the Drug Modifying Therapy that I was taking, so did my own research.

I discovered that there were many people out there who were living symptom-free, after a diagnosis, without taking a myriad of drugs.

 I have now read about, heard about and spoken to many people who have healed themselves.

The challenge to healing YOURSELF is that nobody else can do it for you!

You have to find your own path – what works for you, what doesn’t work for you.

There are a symphony of modalities that you can try.

They all have helped some, but there is no one-size fits all.

It easily gets overwhelming – how do you know which one to try? What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for everybody!

It may or may not work for you.


Using the ABC process and getting honest with myself has resulted in me navigating my own path.

This has given me an empowered sense of purpose and the courage and motivation to change many aspects of my life for the better, including my relationship, work and health.

I know this process is working for me and I am certain it can help others.

I invite you to join me on this exciting, transformational journey with ‘Healing Vibrations’.

That is what ‘Healing Vibrations’ is all about.

Healing Vibrations is a group coaching programme which carves out space in your life to allow you the time to do a deep and give an honest review of your life right now and more importantly where you want to be going.

The group is centred on three things:

  • Getting you clear on what you want in life
  • Shifting your vibrations
  • Getting back on track when you lose your way

Developing this way of being, is a practical and a spiritual journey which is rewarding and incredible!  It will help you experience the energy of ‘everything is going right’ more often and help you create your own ‘map to wellness’.

Does it mean that you’ll never experience the ‘oh oh, everything is going wrong feeling’? No, of course not – we are all human. But it will give you the support to course-correct quicker and help you find joy in life, more of the time.

The programme will help keep you in the ‘everything is going well’ energy as it is underlined by developing ongoing spiritual practices. You’ll do this by joining a group of like-minded people, who are dedicated to taking that ‘inner journey’ while supporting each other by showing up.

There is no pressure with how much time and energy you devote to this, but you will get the most out of it by showing up, doing the work and supporting others.

The joy of a group programme is that we all bring along our incredible life experiences that can give a different perspective to the situation.  A shift in perspective is all we need to shift our vibration.

There is something incredibly powerful about working with a group.  You will:

  • create deep friendships and connections
  • have people to share the journey with
  • learn from their experiences, as much as from your own
  • have fun and support along the way

We are not meant to do life on our own, never mind navigate change. Doing it with others is a great way make the shifts you want to make.

Getting Honest is a continual process, at the same time as developing your spiritual practice to enable you to live life in flow, embracing the belief that everything is always working out for you.

Only £15 a month (with no tie-in)

If you would like to know more,

How does the ‘Healing Vibrations’ Group Programme work?

Get Honest Self-Audit

The journey starts with the ‘Get Honest Self-Audit’, which takes you through 33 areas of your life that are within your control.  By using a scaling question for each area, it will give clarity on what is going well and where could be improved. You can repeat this as many times a year as you like.

Armed with this information, you can see clearly any changes that would be worth making.

The audit is available as a printable PDF or an Excel or Google Sheet where you can keep track of your ongoing scores.

There is also recorded training session that will talk you through the Self-Audit.

Private Facebook Group

You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where regular uplifting and inspiring posts will remind and encourage you to interact with others and raise your vibrations.

I ensure this is a non-judgemental space where everyone’s voice is heard with a positive vibe throughout. It is a safe space, where people can share honestly without fear.

Monthly Live Training

Each month there will be a focus on a life area, where we can get curious and explore how we could improve.

Monthly Q&A / Coaching Calls

You will be invited to join a zoom calls each month to connect and support each other on our journeys.  This will be an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any problems or issues. The calls will be recorded for anybody who can’t make a session.

Training and Recordings

You will have access to previous recordings of the calls and previous training videos to help you create your own map to wellness.

Moon Ceremonies

We invite you to attend the New and Full Moon Ceremonies which take place every two weeks.

These will give you a ritual and space to reflect, let go of what is not serving you and enable you to focus on what you want.

You will leave the ceremony feeling lighter, more peaceful and excited about the future.

These are priced at £5 each for anyone to attend and are included in the membership of Healing Vibrations.


£15 a month (with no tie in).

This price will be available for the first 10 members, where they will receive ‘grandparent rights’ which means you will never pay more than £15 a month as long as the group exists, and you want to stay a member.


If you are serious about Getting Honest, then I have six spaces open for one-on-one coaching at any one time.

One-to-one coaching costs £100 for an hour’s session or £500 for 6 sessions, if paid up front.

As a member of the Healing Vibrations Group you will receive a 10% discount, equalling £90 a session or £450 for 6.

Yes Please!

How can I join?

If you would like to know more,

The vibe of the group is of paramount importance, so I want to meet with anyone interested before joining. We will have a Zoom call to see if we are a good fit and to answer any questions.

Book a convenient slot here

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