The quality of your health is determined by the quality of your decision making.

Discover how asking the right questions, being really honest with the answers and developing your decision-making muscle can help you heal on all levels.

Getting honest in all areas of your life is the most effective way to develop your decision-making muscle, allowing you to make micro-decisions which will motivate you to make micro-changes that will result in you being in control of your own health.

Receiving a diagnosis of an ‘incurable disease’ doesn’t have to be a death sentence, it can be used as a spring-board to the life you really want.

Getting Honest is the best starting point to move towards a life you really want.

It is possible to heal yourself!

Being told that I had an incurable condition may have closed lots of doors in front of me!  But, by getting really honest with myself, I was able to see all the doors that were opening up around me.

This experience has been so life-changing, it just doesn’t feel right, not to share!

I have developed a very simple framework to make it easy – the ABC of Getting Honest.


Learning acceptance is proving a very spiritual, enlightening experience – if somewhat challenging at times!


My original belief was that I couldn’t heal myself. It was totally out of my hands. 

I was just sitting waiting for some scientist to find a cure.

I was lucky, or maybe not so lucky, because my symptoms are not severe enough for me to challenge that belief earlier.

However I do now believe it is possible to heal.

I have read about, heard about and spoken to many people who have healed themselves.

The challenge to healing YOURSELF is that nobody else can do it for you! 

You have to find your own path – what works for you, what doesn’t work for you.

There are a symphony of modalities that you can try. 

They all have helped some, but there is no one-size fits all.  It easily gets overwhelming – how do you know which one to try? What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for everybody!

It may or may not work for you.

Since following this process, my life has changed for the better in so many aspects.  My relationship, job, health and most importantly my purpose.

By navigating my own path, I know this process is working for me and I am certain it can help others.

If you want to know more, check out my free workshop and Get Honest Self-Audit.

To find out more about this process, click below to view the free training and access the Get Honest Self-Audit.

The Self-Audit will help you get really honest with where you are in your life right now.

Being totally honest in every aspect of my life is a daily challenge, but it is getting easier.

As it gets easier, life is easier – more in flow.

I am launching my next programme – Decide Health which will hold your hand as you go through the ABC of Getting Honest and support you on the start of your Journey.

Why you can no longer afford to avoid getting honest?

  • By taking on the belief that your condition is incurable, stops you trying.
  • Making small changes to support your health now, will have a massive impact into the health of the ‘future-you’.
  • Having the support of a Coach who is a few steps ahead, as well as a group of people on a similar journey, makes making those changes so much easier.
  • This programme comes with a full money back guarantee, so there is no financial risk (see below on details).

What previous clients have said about me and the Life Is Programme (prequel to Healing Vibrations)

Hannah Sonko

”You’ve been able to do for me what no psychologist or any medication has ever been able to do. I am so immensely grateful.”

Rebecca Moran

“I’m being introduced to some really useful tools to help bring clarity of mind on a few things, and there’s a definite theme emerging, which Gina noticed really early on. Great stuff! Thanks again Gina.”

Cathi Luytjes

“The whole programme worked very well.  It was a way of looking into my life and seeing where I needed to improve and actually acting on those improvements.  It helped me find ways to brainstorm how that would work and what I would need to do to improve certain parts of my life.

There were some surprising answers that I came up with.

It opened my eyes on where I needed to work and where I could slack off a bit.

It was very thorough.  Gina is a very sensitive person, she is very kind and was really intensely involved in our lives.  I can’t say anything bad about her, she is absolutely wonderful.”

How much is Healing Vibrations?

The reason coaching costs what it does, is because it is so effective of helping people make improvements in their lives.

Running this as a group means that I can offer it at a lower price point.  The group will be kept small enough (maximum of 33) to ensure that you will receive sufficient support to ensure success for you.  To ensure the right people are in the group, I will be talking to every participant prior to joining to ensure they are a good fit.

The investment is
just two installments of £197.


Save £94 by paying in full
a complete bargain at only £300.


I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy clients and as this is the first time that I have ran this particular version of this programme, so it is a bit of an experiment.

However, I am so certain that you will feel better as a result of going through it, I am very happy to offer a full money back guarantee.

If you show up through the programme, and feel it has not been worth the money, have a chat with me and I will be happy to refund in full.

This programme will begin on 3rd October 2021.

Are you ready to develop a self-care routine that works for you consistently?

If you are ready to take action …

Take the first step and book in a 20 minute conversation with me to see if we are a right fit and help you to decide your next step.

If you are not sure …
Frequently Asked Questions

Q – £300 is a lot of money! How do I know if it is worth it?

A – This is a personal development programme, that teaches you to look inwards, trust yourself and gives the support and guidance to enable you to find the courage to make some changes. There will be parts of it that are likely to be uncomfortable and challenging. That is where I and your fellow travelers will be there for you. You will not be alone.

Unfortunately there is no ONE map to wellness, each of have to create our own.  This is an opportunity for you to create your own map in a supportive environment, which will give you the confidence to make your future decisions.

If you have a pattern of putting others’ needs before yourself, then investing in yourself will feel uncomfortable and frightening.  In order to be there for others, you need to have your health and energy, creating your own map is the first step!

Simply by finding the courage to invest in yourself, you will experience a massive energy shift – you are proclaiming to the Universe that YOU are important!

Money back Guarantee!

As with any Coaching programme, this one is about giving YOU the skills and mindset to create YOUR own map to wellness – I will not be doing it for you!

I know that if you show up and go through this simple process, you WILL feel better.  I am so sure of this, I am very happy to offer a full money back guarantee.

If you show up through the programme, and feel it has not been worth the money, have a chat with me and I will be happy to refund.

Q – This sounds good, but how can I trust you? I have never met you!

A – This course is around trusting your intuition, getting curious about what is right for you.  The best way to know if someone is a right fit for you, is to speak to them.  A chat with me costs nothing other than a few minutes of your time.

Rather than worrying about what could go wrong, consider how you would feel if it all went right!


Also, if you would like to know more about me, check out my Facebook group and website.

Here are some of my previous clients experience of working with me.

Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

Q – What time of the day will the training take place?
A – There will be a live or recorded training every day in the Private Facebook Group. The times will vary each day. The replays will be available for viewing throughout the entire 33 days.
Q – When will the Q&As take place?
A – This has yet to be decided. I will work around the people within the group to make them as accessible as possible. I will run them at different times to incorporate all time zones. Recordings will be available.
Q – What happens at the end of the 33 days?
A – To be honest, I am not sure yet! Be assured, I won’t just leave you! I will be guided in some way and listen to the needs, wants and desires of YOU, the members.
Ready to take your power back and feel like the main player in your life story?

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