Developing Healthy Habits

Mini-Course & Challenge

This 7 day FREE programme is specifically for people who have MS or other similar life-altering condition to support them in developing and maintaining healthy habits in order to keep as well and strong as possible.

This has been based on the principles described in James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits.

Congratulations to signing up and stepping up to make a change.

Small steps lead in to a massive change in the trajectory of your life.

This is for you if:

You are not happy with one or more areas of your life

You are lacking in energy and motivation

You have tried to make or break habits unsuccessfully already

You recognise your habits aren’t serving your overall wellness

You are ready to make a change









About the Challenge

If you are not already a member, join the Managing MS Naturally Group

This Mini-Course and Challenge will help you define and establish those small steps and give the foundations to be able to turn them into habits that can change the trajectory of your life for the better.

The course is based on the principles described in James Clear’s book – Atomic Habits – which is well worth a read, though not essential for getting benefit from this Mini-Course.

There will be a short Live video in the Managing MS Naturally group each day at 2pm BST and a worksheet for you to print off and work through.  The more you show up and interact, the more benefit you will get from the week, so mark that time in your diary and get prepared to make the first steps to creating the life you really want.

Do share any wins, challenges and ask any questions in the Group.

About Gina Dallison

Gina was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, where she followed the advice of her doctors and took the medication offered against her own desires in order to appease her then partner.

In 2016 she was experiencing, what she refers to, as her ‘vortex of shit’ when everything seemed to be going wrong.  It was then that she started working on herself and realised that if she didn’t like her current reality, she did have the power to change it.

She started exploring outside of western medicine for help.  This led her into the world of personal development and meditation.

She now is determined to manage her MS without the use of medication which has led her on a journey of self-discovery.  She has realised the power of getting honest with where she was in her life and where she wanted to be as well as taking small but consistent steps forwards in the direction of her dreams.

Her signature programme – Life Is … takes people through the steps that she took that has moved her clients from a place of confusion and overwhelm to clarity and focus.

If you would like to find out more about the Life Is … prorgramme or talk to Gina about anything else, she would love to connect with you. To book a call, click on the link below.

Gina is looking forward to helping to develop some strong habits that will change the trajectory of your life for the better.