If you have been diagnosed with an ‘incurable condition’ such as Multiple Sclerosis, this is a safe space to bring people together who are keen to look at ways to take greater responsibility for themselves and manage their condition as naturally as possible.

I believe that everything happens just as it should, and there is a reason that you are currently reading this page.

If you are living with a life-altering diagnosis, it means that you are on a challenging journey.  A journey which has led you to this place, right here, right now!

By travelling together, I dare to suggest that journey, although challenging, could actually be fun, exciting and insightful.

What if having a chronic illness is a gift?  Given to us to encourage us down another path?  One we wouldn’t have chosen, but which, if we let it, is filled with possibility and change.

Some people may be at the start of their journey and others further along. 
By coming together we can be a beacon of hope for each other.  And with this many beacons on the path, we can never get lost.

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